Good Thoughts, Bad Thoughts and RA

Good Thoughts, Bad Thoughts and RA

What kinds of thoughts do we allow ourselves to think?

When I hear of friends and acquaintances beating their RA, not just treating it, I feel happy, but I also struggle with frustration and even anger that more in the medical field won’t look into diet, exercise, and healthy living as it relates to Rheumatoid Arthritis.

Getting Excited Telling People about Healthy Living

Ever since we started looking into healthy living as not just a treatment, but a way to possibly put my wife’s RA into remission, I’ve found myself getting excited about sharing what we’ve learned about healthy eating.

We’ve modified our diet to be waaaay more healthy, and we believe it’s helped, and I’ll get animated as I share what we’ve learned.

Negative versus Positive Thought

Diet has nothing to do with RA

-Doctor of a friend (a friend who later put her RA into remission through diet)

The other day, I caught myself feeling that anger and frustration at the lack of vision (e.g., from doctors that have treated friends and state emphatically with grand “authority” that diet has nothing to do with RA…and then our friends go on to drop the drugs (RA medications that is) and manage their RA putting it into remission).

IT can be easy to get angry because of a lack of understanding of what good health can do for us.

Do feelings of frustration, anger, and pride make the situation better?

Those feelings certainly don’t make me feel good.

Could that be another lesson?

Another way to heal not only our bodies but our emotional and spiritual well being?

How do You Overcome Negative Feelings?

Rather than giving more focus to negative thoughts and feelings (frustration, despair, hopelessness, and so on), take a different route.

Turn on the Light.

When you walk into a dark room, no matter how hard you try to eliminate the dark (focusing on the dark, explaining the dark, researching the dark), you turn on the light, and the darkness goes away.

Our minds are a stage, and we choose what graces the stage.

Sometimes things wander on the stage that we don’t want there, and they need to be removed.

But just like the room filled with darkness, the best way to clear the stage, to remove the darkness, is to fill it with something worthwhile, positive.

Your Focus

We do this with our kids all the time.

If they fall down, or are sad, we don’t focus on the skinned knee for very long.

We pick them up and cheer them up, with something that is good (a story, a joke, a movie, or even a funny YouTube video).

Focus and energy moves away from the skinned knee to something fun and positive.

Fill your Life with things that Uplift

Yes, life gets busy, demanding, but we can choose what we focus on.

Great music, a fun movie, and yes, even some funny YouTube videos can help lighten our spirits, help us feel better and bring more light and enjoyment into our lives.

Identify something positive that you can do today that will make you smile, make you laugh, and I’ll do the same.